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#EIR - 3 simple steps to success on Twitter

Whether you got on Twitter to promote your new company, Adipex adhd, meet peers or just find out what everyone's talking about, you quickly learned that those with lots of followers, who tweet a lot, adipex mastercard no prescription, talk to people and get retweeted, Adipex p web site, seem to have influence. You might have even figured out how this type of influence might benefit you and so you've decided to try to get some for yourself. But how do you do it, adipex p orderonline. Here is a quick, Adipex cheap us, easy to remember, formula that will help you build the kind of Twitter influence you want. All you have to do is: ENGAGE, INFORM and RETWEET, Adipex Pharmacy No Prescription.


This just boils down to talking to people, adipex bontril ionamin meridia phentermine xenical. If you're shy, Adipex buy 35565 buy, remember; people are on Twitter to connect. If they post something, it's an invitation to respond, doctors who prescribe adipex nebraksa. They want to hear from you. Adipex Pharmacy No Prescription, It's not too fun to spend your time and energy posting things that never get responses. Weight loss clinic adipex diet pill, If they post a link that you enjoyed, reply to them, thank them and tell them why you enjoyed it, purchase adipex online $139. If they make a comment you find funny, Adipex with no presciption, reply and tell them. If they post a picture you liked, reply and tell them why, discount adipex no prescription.

You can also just post a comment yourself about what you are doing or what you thinking, Adipex best prices, but please try to make it interesting. Nobody wants to know that you're rushing off to take little Johnny to soccer practice, Adipex Pharmacy No Prescription. But if you just got back from the U2 concert and Bono crowd surfed right over you, by all means tweet, adipex phentermine xenical. Inquiring minds want to know. No rx adipex,


Twitterers tend to be information junkies. We can't get enough. Adipex Pharmacy No Prescription, So, if you want people to take notice of you on Twitter, there's no better way than to tweet links to information that is useful to them. It's very likely that anything you find useful, adipex no prescription us pharmacy, your followers will find useful too. Adipex stories, But if you want to be more specific about the type of followers you attract, make sure you are tweeting information that's useful to them.

For instance, adipex from mexico, I'm particularly interested in connecting with people in the events industry, Adipex pictures, so most of the information that I tweet is about that. I subscribe to the RSS feeds of events industry related blogs, and follow Twitter searches and Google news alerts on events industry keywords, diet pills adipex collect on delivery, so that I can find the most up to date information that my followers (and I) will find useful. I tweet between 10 and 20 links (on events news, social media, self improvement and things I just find interesting) per day, Adipex Pharmacy No Prescription. Tenuate adipex,


This might be the easiest yet the most important thing you can do on Twitter. One click, and you've forwarded useful information to your followers while at the same time supporting and publicizing a fellow tweeter, buy adipex p. Remember when you retweet, Low carb dieting adipex diet pill, you are saying that you think what this person tweeted has value, thus implying that the person himself may be good to follow.

Retweeting allows you to promote someone AND inform in one click, real adipex without prescription. Adipex Pharmacy No Prescription, So don't be stingy. If you see ANYTHING that you think your followers would appreciate, Adipex vx fastin, retweet it. The good turn you do someone today, will likely come back to you tomorrow.

A couple of final notes. Because social cues are so limited, it's  important to be especially courteous on Twitter. Always thank people when they retweet, mention or recommend that others follow you, Adipex Pharmacy No Prescription. Also, be very careful about promoting yourself. The soft sell approach is best. We don't want to think that the only reason you are interacting with us is to sell us something. And finally, be yourself - but be the open, genuine, curious, accepting version of yourself. If you are, you are bound to make many friends, learn a lot and experience the success you seek.

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22 comments to Adipex Pharmacy No Prescription

  • Great post, Jenise. I was wondering what that #EIR business was all about.

  • Excellent new blog post! Love the added video 4 personal touch. What a powerful message from just 3 little words: Engage, Inform, Retweet. Great advice for everyone not just for social media newbies. It always helps to remind me to practice what I preach. #EIR

  • Nice job, Jenise! I think this is a great, easy to remember foundation for anyone who is new to Twitter, or looking to improve their networking reach. With Twitter’s endless boundaries, it’s important to have this structure to take advantage of what it offers to us.

  • Thanks SOOO much for the feedback, you guys. Everyday, I am positively reminded how Twitter is all about karma. Whatever you do for other people, you really do for yourself. EIR is just an easy way to remember what we all want to get from being on Twitter. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I REALLY appreciate it.

  • Dave Miller

    Good stuff! Especially like the note on social cues. It can be so difficult to communicate without being able to read each-others body language, etc. Social media is a great addition to communication. I just hope we don’t lose too much of actual human interaction in the process. I still like sitting down with someone for a cup of coffee.
    I like your video. Nice to be able to see you!

  • Absolutely, nothing beats sitting down & having a cup of coffee w/ someone. I don’t see social media as a replacement for that, just another way to eventually get to that cup of coffee moment! Great points, as usual Dave. Thanks SOO much for the feedback!!

  • First of all: Smart chicks rock! I like the idea of the EIR hashtag. I’ll confess I didn’t know what it meant until I followed the link to this page. Because you’re definately an EIRer, I’ll be tweeting this page link as well. Thanks for ‘bringin’ it home for us older citizens with limited social geek skills.

  • Well thank you! I certainly think you can teach me a LOT about social media, Andy!! (Loved your post on silence is golden on Twitter.) I think when you look at how fast everything changes around here, we are all newbs, most of the time! Basic courtesy and the golden rule never go out of style though. That’s what #EIR is all about – AND you are DEFINITELY one of the best at it!!

  • [...] This post was Twitted by MichaelMcCurry [...]

  • Hi Jenise,

    What a terrific blog post this is!

    I particularly like the Intro video, because it personalizes the whole experience!!!

    Your tips and the Hashtag is great for encouraging a very effective way of utilizing Twitter.

    Way to go!


  • Thanks so much Michael! I really appreciate your input. Your blog McCurry’s Corner, has been a great inspiration to me.

  • Without realizing it, I’ve been using the EIR strategy to build and connect with my Twitter following. I’ll be RT’ing this easy strategy to my followers so that they can start using it, too. Thanks for all the great info, best of success & keep on tweetin’!

  • One more thing I should have mentioned in my earlier EIR post. To successfully implement an EIR strategy, do use a Twitter app such as HootSuite, Tweetdeck, etc. What I’ve noticed with some of my offline network just getting started with Twitter is that they don’t know how to track or pay attention to mentions, retweets, etc. Some I’ve RT’d, replied to, or mentioned several times with nary a thank you tweet or courtesy RT of my messages–and I know them in the flesh! The Engage and Retweet steps of EIR are so much easier when you have the right tools. Thanks again for breaking this down into an easy-to-remember strategy!

  • Heidi,

    Great point! If you don’t have Hoot Suite or Tweet Deck, it’s very important to keep an eye on your mentions on Twitter. There is a stream for that. But you’re right, the whole thing is MUCH easier using an app. I started out using Tweet Deck first, but switched to Hoot Suite when I started posting more tweets per day and wanted to space them out through scheduling. Hoot Suite is very handy for that, and for keeping track of click through stats on the inks you post. Thanks so much for your input Heidi and please keep me posted on your Twitter activities!!

  • Thank You Very Much For a Very Informative Post.
    I look forward to adding the use of #EIR in my #FF Recommendations.

  • Very glad to be of help, Daniel!

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  • Hey Jenise! I know this is an older post (though an important DAILY subject!), but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the personal video introduction to this article. I hope you decide to do more of this in the future!

  • I do, Eric. I plan to post a lot of video in the future. Hopefully soon!! Thanks!

  • [...] next to the word “followers”.  If you are selective, and follow only those people who #EIR, engage, inform and retweet, you will have a targeted group of people who will help educate you, [...]

  • [...] on the internet. Helping to educate your Twitter community is also an essential component of the #EIR (Engage, Inform & Retweet) plan for success on [...]

  • [...] the topic of a fascinating August 5 #eventprofs chat† (archive), moderated by the “Queen of EIR“, Jenise Fryatt. The chat was noteworthy for its energy around two initiatives that emerged [...]

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