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Purchase Alprazolam, All of us have our own methods and philosophy for choosing who we follow on Twitter.  I know many who will return any follow, as long as it's not from a spammer.  I know people who only follow others who share their professional interests. Still others, on a continuous quest for more business, canine amitriptyline given with alprazolam, will only follow those who fit their customer profile. Alprazolam with antibiotics, There's a lot to be said for widening your horizons and Twitter offers tremendous opportunities in this area. Remember that one of the greatest ways to promote your brand is by building a legion of brand ambassadors; friends who want to help promote you. Twitter is the ultimate tool for this. 

So don't write off someone who tweets mostly about organic gardening just because you create software for big corporations. If treated well, alprazolam vendor, she could turn out to be a great supporter who will go to bat for you with potential clients who would otherwise be inaccessible to you. You also just might be exposed to some information that will enrich your life, Purchase Alprazolam. Alprazolam g 3722, I don't, however, recommend following everyone who follows you, gatorplex alprazolam, unless your main goal on Twitter is to have a big number next to the word "followers" on your profile.  If you are selective, Alprazolam overnight delivery, and follow only those people who #EIR, engage, inform and retweet, generic alprazolam buy online, you will have a targeted group of people who will help educate you, Alprazolam tinnitus, are much more likely to be converted into brand ambassadors and could even become good friends.

How can you tell if they #EIR. Well, wis alprazolam a meth amphetamine, it's really not hard. Pics of alprazolam 1 mg, First don't judge a tweep by their background. Purchase Alprazolam, Yes, it does help me to take you more seriously as a tweeter if you have something besides the standard Twitter background and bird avatar. A good profile and link to a website will definitely add to your credibility. And if you have a lot of followers and are listed frequently, half-life of alprazolam, that makes me think you aren't just dabbling. Methods of admin alprazolam, But the most important information when deciding whether or not to follow someone, is in the person's tweets. To assess whether someone on Twitter has potential for becoming a brand ambassador, apply the #EIR test here, alprazolam drug test.

Some examples:

The quoter - Tweets nothing but quotes - no engagement, Alprazolam advanced guestbook 2.2, some information, no retweets - NO

The informer - Tweets lots of links, no engagement, alprazolam shipping hushmail, no retweets - NO

The chatterbox - Lots of conversing, Legal alprazolam, not much retweeting, no informative links - NO

The spammer - Tweets lots of information about their product, no retweets, ordering alprazolam online, no links to outside sources - NO.

I look for a good mix of tweets that offer links to useful info; look like part of a conversation; include the "RT" for retweet; and recommendations including the hashtags "#FF" "#Follow or #EIR, Purchase Alprazolam. Knock out drugs alprazolam, Sometimes, when I'm in a hurry, I just look for those hashtags and the "RT", alprazolam extended release, because they immediately tell me that this person appreciates and promotes her friends on Twitter. Green alprazolam pills, Take other things into consideration. If  you're looking at the profile of someone who tweets mostly quotes that you find inspiring, but only occasionally has a conversation or retweets, alprazolam not as potent xanax, you might consider following anyway, Toxicology of alprazolam, especially if they haven't been on Twitter long. They may improve their Twitter habits as they become familiar with it. Purchase Alprazolam, I humbly offer this information as a guideline. Using this method has really helped me to gain a wonderful following of fascinating people who continue to teach me everyday on Twitter.  Some of them have become good friends and are wonderful about retweeting my blog posts and links, alprazolam imagies, giving me lots of moral support and actively looking for ways to help me in my business. Alprazolam on line doctor evaluation, One final note; don't forget the Golden Rule.  I could have the greatest group of people who #EIR following me and it would do me absolutely no good unless I was engaging them in conversations, informing them of links that are useful to them and retweeting their tweets. Twitter is the perfect example of Instant Karma, trade alprazolam for diazepam.

That's my take.  What's yours. I'd love to hear your experiences and tips on building a vibrant, beneficial Twitter following.

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11 comments to Purchase Alprazolam

  • Great Tips Jenise! I think it’s important to always do a bit of research before we decide to follow someone. After all, we are all trying to expand our community and it should be in our interest to have an active participation of some sort with everyone we decide to connect with.

    Quality exceeds quantity!


  • Absolutely, Jose! There are lots of people who feel that having as many followers as possible is the goal to have on Twitter. Conversely, there are people who block anyone who doesn’t fit their “ideal” profile. The middle way is usually best. But I agree. The emphasis should always be on quality. Thanks so much for your input!!

  • Hi Jenise – Love this post. Your philosophy of #EIR is just great and was a big help when I started to learn more about Twitter. It is testament to you that the #eventprofs community is one that uses #EIR to such good effect. I love engaging with my followers it is so much better than having lots of numbers.

  • Thanks so much Paul! I really enjoy engaging with you everyday. It’s almost as if we work at the same place!

    I must admit, when I started I was “The informer”. It was really easy to post links I found that were interesting. I was scared to talk to people. But over time, I realized that retweeting seemed to open a door to interaction w/ others. Retweeting was the same as posting links I found, so I didn’t have to try to talk to people AND the people I retweeted would thank me, opening a door to conversation. Now engaging with my friends on Twitter is the highlight of my day! It’s so much better to have real friends on social media than just a “target market”.

  • Jenise,

    Thank you for this complete definition of #EIR, your great shortcut to recognize good Twitter citizens. Your formula is the “angel on my shoulder!”

  • Thank YOU, Michael! And thanks also for the great information you consistently provide on your Skyline Exhibits blog. I always get retweeted when I post links to it!

  • This is a great post and I love the #EIR tag. I love applying it off Twitter too. I have to take you to task (in the friendliest possible way) though – I’m a frequent quoter so please don’t unfollow me! If that was all I did though, I’d be tempted to unfollow myself. I recommend a good mix of activities to all tweeters. Don’t keep your tweets limited to one topic – it’s more interesting to be varied :-)

  • Jenise – you have the knack of providing clear explanations of processes I use every day but have never put into words. That’s helpful. Thank you for this one!

  • Ash – Thank you so much, again, for the feedback. I LOVE your quotes, and I know I’ve retweeted them on occasion. But you are one of the best tweeps I know at #EIR. Your tweets are a great mix, you are very engaging and supportive of your friends. So don’t get me wrong. I’m not against quotes. It’s just that I’ve noticed a lot of people try to establish their presence on Twitter by simply scheduling a barrage of quote tweets EVERY day. While it may sometimes inspire, I tend to tune it out if it’s not a two way street. Not a good way to #EIR. Your way is better.


    Thanks so much Adrian! I’ve really enjoyed your interaction on Twitter. Twitter is especially wonderful when it leads to off-line friendships with interesting people like you.

  • Right on Jenise! I started with Twitter to connect with potential customers and others in my industry…but things got really fun when I expanded my network to a more diverse group. You just never know who’s going to become a good friend.

  • You know it! I now have friends in Britain, New Zealand, Hawaii & all across the U.S. with backgrounds that include a homeopathy consultant, relationship consultant & mountain climber! I have been greatly enriched.

    In addition, one of my very best contacts was introduced to me by someone on Twitter who isn’t in the events industry.

    I’m especially grateful to have met good friends like you Traci, who not only offer true friendship but have VERY useful advice to share on the topic of marketing. :-)

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