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Clomid Pharmacy No Prescription, If you follow the #eventprofs hashtag on Twitter, you might have seen some talk between me, Eric Lukazewski, Heidi Thorne, Lindsey Rosenthal and a few others about a weekly video chat we've been experimenting with. Here's the scoop, clomid overnight delivery. Clomid patient information,

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4 comments to Clomid Pharmacy No Prescription

  • Agreed! It’s been a blast while we’ve been trying to work out the kinks in the videochat system. We’re cyber-pioneers!

    But videochat opens another way to connect and network. Face to face (F2F) meetings add another dimension to our online relationships. As well, this gives us an opportunity to enrich long-distance professional relationships that may never get the opportunity to meet in person.

    Now if we could just get rid of the echo…

    Looking forward to talking & seeing you at our next experimental go-round!

  • Absolutely Heidi! I think online video chat will be a lot like other social media. It adds a new dimension to online relationships, for sure. But it also makes me want to hang out with you in real life all the more. That certainly was my daughter’s experience. She now attends college in Toronto.

  • Hi Jenise – I know I was only on for a short while last week but it was a great experience so thanks for the invite.

    I do hope an event camp will be on the horizon soon but this is a really good way of getting at least half way there by meeting people.

    Another great initiative from you.

  • Paul,

    It’s been particularly fun talking to friends, like you, who are halfway across the world. I’m really looking forward to seeing and hearing you, though, so I hope you got that webcam:

    I know an event camp is in the works. I think it’s very likely they will do one before a whole year goes by. Sure hope you can make it. Unless they are planning it for the first part of July, I will be there!

    Thanks so much for the comment!!

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