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You're planning a stellar event, leaving nothing to chance.

You've chosen a great destination with lots to do, adipex 37 5 90 mastercard sales, Buy adipex online with consultation, speakers who know how to interact with the audience and you're using social media to promote your event and improve the experience for attendees.

Do you hire a full-service off-site audio visual company or go with the in-house AV, adipex retard pic. Ionamin adipex, Well, that depends on what you want in an AV company, snorting adipex. Compare fastin phentermine adipex,

More experienced audio visual technicians

As hotel jobs are usually the first point of entry in the audio visual field, AV techs employed there can be pretty green, adipex prescription.

On the other hand, self-contained full service audio visual companies more typically retain technicians who have many years in the audio visual field and are compensated accordingly, Buying Adipex. Where to buy adipex in mexico,

Wider selection of audio visual equipment

Hotels usually don't have much storage space for AV equipment so what's available on site can be quite limited. Yes, adipex advanced guestbook 2.4.2, Adipex overnight fed ex, the company will have access to equipment from off-site, but often they will need to sub rent from another source for anything more complicated than breakout room AV, average weight loss with adipex. Order adipex online no doctor, Off-site AV companies are self-contained and usually have more room to store equipment. They're more used to dealing with different kinds of events and are therefore more likely to have a wider selection as well, adipex philadelphia.

Lower costs

Buying Adipex, Hotels like to say that using the in-house company will save you money, but very often it's just the opposite. Adipex no prescription, With a large percentage of the bill going to the hotel as profit, it's very difficult for the AV company to charge less and still make money, adipex for $35. Adipex over the counter, Off site AV vendors don't have the burden of having to pay the hotel, so they can often work more easily with you to lower the total cost of your AV bill, herbal adipex. Adipex phertermine,

Production managers dedicated to your event

An in-house AV tech may have to monitor several groups at a time and can be called away from your meeting to attend an emergency somewhere else within the hotel.

An off-site AV company is more likely to dedicate a Production Manager to give individual attention to your event and help you through the entire process, adipex appetite suppressant.

Corkage fee??

OK, so you've chosen a full-service off-site audio visual company, Buying Adipex. Adipex reviews, But wait . , adipex diapex. Adipex online pharmacy safe sell that, . the hotel is imposing a "corkage fee" on you for NOT using their in-house AV, phentermine 37.5 free shipping adipex. Buying Adipex, The issue. Adipex phentermine cheap, The hotel wants meeting planners to use its in-house AV company because it gets a significant cut of the AV bill. While this is very beneficial to the hotel, adipex online no prescription to florida, it isn't always beneficial for the event. The practice is questionable at best, and may be against FTC regulations at worst.

Times being what they are, businesses across the board are doing whatever they can to keep revenue flowing and hotels have, historically, been able to tack on all kinds of fees for events without much question. However, knowledge is power.  So before you sign that contract, ask questions, Buying Adipex. Merely requesting to speak to a hotel's legal counsel on the issue, can, quite possibly, result in the fee being dropped.

Also, don't hesitate to ask your preferred AV company to help you with this issue. Often they are more than willing to make calls on your behalf in an effort to have these fees waived. After all, it's in their best interest, as well. Buying Adipex, Bottomline; the quality of your AV can make or break your event. Don't let any hotel unfairly bulldoze you out of getting the best return on this important investment.

For more information about in-house vs. off-site audio visual companies, check out this repost of Midori Connelly's 5 Myths of Using In-House AV on the Meetings Podcast blog.

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  • [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jenise Fryatt, Jenise Fryatt. Jenise Fryatt said: Full service vs. in-house audio visual for your event: The real story #eventprofs [...]

  • It’s good to see more posts about this topic. I wrote the 5 myths a loooong time ago and am so happy they’re finally getting some play :-)

    I have also written a few editorials about corkage fees and the questionable nature of the liquidated damages clauses in contracts. It’s so frustrating to see clients roped into unfair situations with shoddy service because they’re intimidated into using a certain service provider. I’m all for healthy competition, it’s how we thrive and become better at our trade. But this situation is ridiculous and doesn’t do anything but line the pockets of the providers – at least in the short term…

    Thanks for the mention and keep spreading the good truth!!
    Midori Connolly, Chief AVGirl

  • As a former in-house AV director & “sales” manager I could not agree more with this write up. There are some larger, more convention oriented hotels where you may find decent technical capability in-house, but generally speaking you are better off going with a trusted 3rd party. It will be cheaper, and the larger, more sophisticated event is what they do everyday rather than being the exception, as is the case with most in-house teams.

    If the hotel is throwing fees at you for using a 3rd party company then fight, fight, and fight some more. They want your business far more than they want the fee. I suggest negotiating them out of the contract straight away during your site selection, that is when you bear the most power.

    Also, for simpler events where you do use in-house AV but want a dedicated technician, consider hiring your own person. In house companies are charging up to $1,100 – $1,500 a day for someone who is green, or whom they brought in from a freelance service, which is a craps shoot at best. Why not bring in the freelance guy yourself, pay a fraction of the cost, and if you like him/her, you hire them next time too and tell all your planning friends about them.

  • Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by lyksumlikrish: Full service vs. in-house audio visual for your event: The real story

  • Thanks so much Midori. I read your 5 myths some time ago, LOVED it and RT’d it on Twitter. When I came across it again on the Meetings Podcast Blog, I was already formulating a post to address the issue myself. I’m so glad you approve!

    It’s pretty dog-eat-dog these days and the hotels do have the advantage. However, the thing we should all be trying to achieve is the best outcome for the event. If event planners are forced to use second-rate AV services by their event venue, who wins? Sure, they hotel will get the business, this time. But why would the planner go back if they can’t have the quality of service they need? As you said, it’s very short term thinking.

    Thanks again for your input!

  • Colin,

    Not to knock in-house AV (where so many of us got our start) but with the convenience of being on-site, comes some draw backs that everyone should beware of.

    Your point about in-house not being as familiar with larger,more sophisticated events is well taken.

    But I particularly appreciate your tips about fighting the fees. These days, it seems, if they aren’t imposing a “corkage” fee for using off-site AV services, they are charging for power or some other service that they say would be free if you use in-house AV. As you say, the hotel wants your business far more than they want the fee so fighting can only save you money.

    Also, hiring an off-site technician is a great idea to ensure you get the dedicated attention from an experienced pro that will give you peace of mind even when you are using in-house AV.

    Thanks for contributing so much to the discussion!

  • Thank you for exposing, “sharing the truth” Jenise. We have come across this multiple times and it’s quite frustrating to say the least. You have expressed pecisly the current going on in some venues. Your picture pretty much says it all. I like little myself.

    Kenny Green, Owner, Lumina

  • Thanks a lot Kenny! If we can get the word out to more event planners, they will be much better armed when negotiating contracts.

    A client of ours, who had already signed her contract, recently used the information in this blog post to negotiate 30% off her venue bill.

    That says to me that hotels value the planner’s future business MUCH more than they want to get these extra fees. Keep negotiating – and do your best to fight these fees BEFORE you sign the contract.

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