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Where Can I Buy Reductil, Susan Radojevic,  president of Toronto-based The Peregrine Agency Ltd., is a leading authority on strategic event alignment.  Not long ago, she wrote a provocative blog post on her MPI blog (reposted on her company blog) about the state of the meetings industry and how meeting planners can respond. I recently asked Susan to elaborate a little more on the message she was trying to convey, generic reductil. Where to bye reductil, You can follow Susan on Twitter @SusanRadojevic or visit Susan's blog at


JENISE: Susan, recently you wrote a very impassioned plea to meeting planners on your MPI blog about how essential it is that they learn why meetings and events are important, natural alternative to meridia reductil. Reductil pills sold in london pharmacy, Would you please elaborate a little more on that and the urgent tone that you took?

SUSAN: I wrote the blog because I believe meetings and events can reinvent businesses to meet today's challenges. And as professionals in the meetings and events industry, reductil best price, Reductil results, our role is to produce both effective and efficient meetings and events that contribute to an organization's success. But for far too long our focus has been solely on delivering efficiency - the how and the what components of meeting and event logistics, a role we have fulfilled remarkably well, Where Can I Buy Reductil.

But the reality is today's economic environment and technology has changed our role, order reductil without a prescription. Reductil no prescription ship to usa, And it is time we added meeting and event effectiveness - the why component - to our list of responsibilities.

The urgent tone used was because I'm not convinced professional planners fully understand the change taking place in our industry and why they should carpe diem the opportunity, reductil drug. Reductil slimming pills uk, JENISE: What is strategic meeting planning and why is it so important to learn it, particularly now, buy reductil no prescription.

Where Can I Buy Reductil, That's an excellent question. Reductil slimming tablets, The short straight forward answer is strategic meeting planning is the act of producing meetings and events that are effective - that is how meetings and events fit in with an organization's business goals. And efficient - which addresses cost reduction and best practices, cheapest reductil online. Reductil by vbulletin intitle view profile, Right now c-level executive's perception is that meetings and events are a cost centre and fall simply within the realm of travel. But in many cases, reductil for slimming, Reductil 15 mg eating plan, a meeting or event is a marketing or communication initiative, the same way an advertisement or promotion is and travel is the enabler we use to attend the meeting or event, pharmacies reductil. When you think about it, most c-level executives wouldn't arbitrarily assign the management of producing an advertising campaign to an inexperienced individual, Where Can I Buy Reductil. Euro pharmacy reductil, There are corporate goals and objectives to consider, ROI and ROO measurements to establish and track and requisite skills and ad production, duromine tenuate reductil differences. Reductil 15 mg, The same can be said for strategic meeting planning and yet the task of meeting and event planning is often added to the 'to do' lists of the inexperienced and accidental planner.

By connecting the dots for the c-suite and making meetings and events relevant to their strategy, reductil slimming pils, Buy cheap reductil, we will shift the c-suites entrained thinking and at the same time, elevate our position as professional planners to a new level, where can i but reductil. Al reductil, JENISE: In your blog post you said that meetings and events have been "a cost centre which makes us vulnerable every time there is an economic disruption." Would you please elaborate on that?

SUSAN: Sure. Where Can I Buy Reductil, The Achilles' heel in many Fortune 1000 companies is their failure to adequately measure meeting and event effectiveness. There's a gap between the professional planner and the c-level executive or business owner/sponsor and this is partly because, dangers du reductil, more often than not, the professional planner is not familiar or comfortable with the language of business. The other reason is senior executives don't view meetings and events as a business tool that will help them achieve their goals. Therefore the professional planner is often missing from sales, marketing and leadership discussions.

Meetings and events are marketing and communication-driven and every meeting and event, regardless of audience, includes all the essential marketing and communication ingredients: messaging, branding and visibility. This is why meetings and events should be aligned with marketing or communications and not with procurement, Where Can I Buy Reductil. By being aligned with procurement, meetings and events become a cost centre and are not seen as an investment contributing to the organization's success.

Let me be clear here. I believe procurement does have a part to play specific to contractual needs and issues. But its role is not to make decisions on corporate brand or the best way for leadership to unleash its people potential. Where Can I Buy Reductil, These decisions should not be based on what's the most cost efficient approach, but rather what is the most effective solution that will improve organizational performance.

If we can achieve this, then meetings and events will no longer be placed on the chopping block the next time there is an economic disruption.

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  • This is an amazing post. Thank you for sharing this discussion, Jenise. One point that really stands out is how Susan accurately attributes a struggle for companies to measure return on events and meetings. I think in any economic disturbance, events will wrestle to remain impervious to variance, but Susan illustrates some great insights on what can be done to alleviate the stress.

  • Absolutely, but we can no longer afford to only think about this when events are jeopardized by a slow economy. The AIG debacle made it clear that we have neglected PR for the events industry in general.

    We really need to crank up the good news and constantly point out how events help businesses and the economy. Strategic meeting planning is a concrete way to do this.

    As Susan says, such measures can really strengthen the position of the individual event professional and will make the industry less vulnerable in the future.

  • Super Blog, Dude! I am essentially an AV aficionado and am constantly on the lookout for new and interesting sites and info about interesting audio video related stuff… which is what led me here. Any who how i just wanted to check in as I certainly plan on visiting again! See Ya

  • Welcome Rob! I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

  • [...] Ensuring events continue when the economy tanks My interview with Susan Radojevic on the advent of strategic meeting planning and how it helps protect meeting planners from budget cuts. [...]

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