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Two left hands forming an outline of a heart s...
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Memorable events by April

Little Pink Book Events


B Distinct Events

Echelon Design Inc.

Justin Locke

Susan Lynn Cope Events


Dallas Meetings

Discovery Student Adventures

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[47/365] iPhone 3.0 Internet Tethering & MMS o...
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1 - 9 great Twitter tools for meeting planners

2 - 10 helpful tips on creating a meeting production schedule

3 - How to increase social media and tech adoption at events by @samueljsmith

4 - 4 overlooked tips to make your conference experience more successful by @Jeffhurt

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6 - 5 great tips on how to listen effecively using social media

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8 - The 7 keys to social branding

9 - Building business with a story

10 - Create your own iPhone app, cheaply & easily

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Northwest Airlines Airbus 330-300
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1 - 9 secrets of a successful online video social media marketing strategy

Order Acomplia Without A Prescription, 2 - Official news release from U.S. Department of Justice on Northwest Airlines bomb incident

3 - Face to face business meetings still the best

4 - How to check your real time social media mentions for free

5- Forbes: 2009 social marketing trends

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7 - New blog post by @MichaelMcCurry A decade of technology innovation in review

8 - Survey: convention bureaus aggressive tactics attracting corporate planners

9 - Podium tactics from 28 public speaking pros

10 - How to escape the trap of perfectionism

11 - What is wedding planning certification and how to obtain it

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1 -Why adopt a new media strategy?

2 - Mashable: 5 tips for building lasting online friendships

3 - 6 things to help your conference speakers succeed

4 - Top 9 tradeshow tips for 2009

5 - 5 people to thank at your next tradeshow

Where Can I Buy Adipex, 6 - Spread the love. Join these great #eventprofs' Facebook pages

7 - 2010 event technology shopping list presentation

8 - Worlds are colliding to create new opportunities for events

9 - How exhibitors are using You Tube

10 - Event planning: White House party crashers inquiry should end

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