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Buy Reductil Without A Prescription, (l to r, Traci Browne, me, Kim Geralds, Christina Stallings, Mike McCurry)

Have you ever just HAD to be somewhere. Maybe it was your best friend's wedding or your child's little league playoffs but it wasn't an obligation. Reductil in france, You wanted to be there because of the other people that would be there. You wanted to share the experience, memories, reductil nz, ideas. Buy reductil, You wanted to be among other members of your tribe.

That was the feeling I had when I learned about Event Camp, the first unconference style conference for events industry professionals initiated by the eventprofs, group on Twitter, Buy Reductil Without A Prescription. Eventprofs is more than a group, it's a warm, diet pills reductil, enriching virtual community that began to coalesce one year ago when Lara McCullough Carter invented the #eventprofs hash tag to help industry professionals find each other and share useful information. Reductil pas cher, I was lucky enough to stumble on it in September 2009.

At the time, I voraciously read the information that the eventprofs community was posting, reductil next day delivery,  learned at lot and started sharing my own discoveries. Meridia reductil sibutramine, Friendships formed 140 characters at a time and these people were there to support and encourage me when I started my blog.  The experience helped to carry me through some difficult times. Buy Reductil Without A Prescription, (One person in particular, Lindsay Fultz of Grosh Backdrops, did so much that I feel forever in her debt. But that's another post.)

So of course, when I heard about Event Camp, buy uk reductil, I felt an overwhelming NEED to attend. Reductil eyes, Despite being a little skittish about traveling alone I knew that I would be in the bosom of "family" once I got there and thankfully I could afford the cost.

I imagine my experience must be like finally meeting your e-Harmony soul mate  in person.  I got to the hotel, hurriedly put my stuff away and rushed down to the bar where I saw my friends for the very first time, sibutramine reductil te koop. The photo above was taken maybe an hour later. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced, Buy Reductil Without A Prescription. Meridia versus reductil, The bar was packed with people that I wanted to talk to and there was no need for formalities.  We already shared a warm connection from months of tweeting and sharing in #eventprofs chats.

The conference itself  embraced social media, and new approaches to event planning were the main topics, reductil 10mg capsules. My favorite sessions gave me a chance to ask questions and interact with the brilliant minds of the eventprofs community itself.  I learned a lot from the session on hybrid events, Purchase reductil on line, featuring Michael McCurry, Paul Salnger and Robert Swanwick.

Organizer Mike McCallen worked hard at capturing the sessions for a webcast (sponsored by LiveStream, sibutramine reductil, Twebevent, Reductil deaths, Core Staging & Grass Shack) so that our Twitter community was not left out. Buy Reductil Without A Prescription, As they watched the webcast online, many of these people commented using the #EC10 hashtag on Twitter and these comments and/or questions were often addressed by the speakers.  For the first time, I could see for myself how virtual can enhance an event and widen the audience. And thanks to  our close community, we all knew many of the people who were tweeting, sibutramine meridia reductil, which added to the experience. Online apotheke reductil, IMG_0067

I participated in the fishbowl style session on Integrating Social Media Onsite, moderated by Samuel J. Smith, reductil pills uk store, in which five seats were placed in a circle with the audience seated surrounding them. Reductil 15mg, Four people sat in the circle, with one seat always left empty. A discussion was begun, and anyone from the audience who wanted to ask a question or make a comment could take the empty seat while someone else left the circle.  The comments were fascinating and at one point, I felt compelled to join the circle, Buy Reductil Without A Prescription.

Afterward it was very gratifying to read tweets from Twitter friends about the discussion they had watched online, reductil iron.

At lunch I sat next to my Twitter buddy Kim Geralds who I fell virtually in love with a long time ago because of her warm and supportive tweets. Coming off reductil, I had a great chat with Samuel J. Smith, who mirrored my feelings when he said that he felt compelled to fly to Event Camp from his home in Switzerland, reductil uk cheap, because he wanted to be with his "tribe." And eventprofs tweeter Brad Wilson made a surprise appearance as part of the amazingly talented and funny act called "the three waiters" which blew people away. Buy Reductil Without A Prescription, Although I would have liked an opportunity to experience a session that was generated on site by the attendees, I got a lot out of the ones I attended.  After the closing,  I met up with my friends at the bar. Reductil for children, Again the level of energy in that room filled with brilliant ideas, was a 10.

Snow had left pal Traci Browne stranded in the city.  Her bunking with me for the night, reductil panadol, gave me a chance to learn more about what she does as a tradeshow consultant and her foray into producing. Reductil pills sold in london store, It was fascinating and even after the lights were out, we couldn't stop talking about all the ideas and feelings we had as a result of our trip to Event Camp. In the morning after breakfast I got a quick interview with the vivacious tradeshow presenter Emilie Barta, and then Traci kindly helped me find the train to the airport.

My big take away from all of this was that, just as it did for eventprofs, social media will create the need for more people to meet face to face, Buy Reductil Without A Prescription. These interactions have the ability to change the world in a very positive way. But they will have to be two-way interactions. People who use social media have less and less patience for passive experiences.  They want to participate. That is the way they learn best and that is the way they will connect best.

I'd LOVE to hear your what you think about social media and events or about Event Camp. Have you experienced anything like this. Do you think social media will spur more events or will people just use virtual events as a way to avoid actually traveling to events.

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18 comments to Buy Reductil Without A Prescription

  • Awesome post, Jenise. It was so wonderful to meet you and Traci F2F and everyone else. What an amazing weekend for us all!

    EventCamp was life-changing. . . plain simple.

    I can’t wait to see you and everyone else again.

    Thank you for being a great friend and mentor and keep up the great work!

  • I know EXACTLY what you mean, Jenise! I was so excited to attend EventCamp 2010 and meet all of my Twitter friends in real life. Because that is what I consider the #eventprofs community…my friends. They cheer on my accomplishments, they understand my frustrations, they share their knowledge with me, they support me when I need a virtual shoulder, and they keep me laughing with all of their silly tweets. I have never felt so comfortable walking into a room full of people I have technically never met before…and my Twitter friends instantly morphed into real life ones!

    Ah…the power of relationships!!

  • Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by lyksumlikrish: Thoughts on #EC10 and how social media creates a NEED for events #eventprofs…

  • I still get chills thinking about it. You, for instance, are an amazingly engaging and interesting presence on Twitter, but in real life you are so much more! It was a wonderful experience, especially knowing that you all are my friends.

  • Life-changing is definitely the way to describe it. It’s so great to have you as a friend, Christina. You are a real inspiration. Wish we didn’t have to wait another year to meet again!

  • What a wonderful post Jenise!

    You captured perfectly, the essence of what I think, we all feel, that were in NYC.

    The Event Camp was more about the long overdue face to face connection of a very tight nit group of like minded people, than anything else. Yes, there was some great educational moments, but what this event demonstrated, more than anything else, is the power of face to face meetings, and the importance of human interaction.

    It also showed that social media connections do in fact lead to live meetings. I would not know any of you had I not engaged myself in Twitter a year ago, and I feel so much more complete as a person, having done so.

    These initial online connections have morphed into lifelong meaningful relationships, all because of one special weekend!

    Thanks for the article!


  • Hi Jenise,

    This is a great post, Jenise! It was a pleasure to meet you. Not only do you have the best twitter name – but you are equally genuine, interesting and giving in person! (you are #EIR)

    I wasn’t sure what would happen – once we unmasked everyone’s avatar. Afterall F2F communication is 90% non-verbal. Would their body language, etc. be the same? Would some people be taller or smaller than I imagined? Voices deeper or higher? I definitely wanted to be there to find out!

    Everyone that I met looked more or less like their avatar. Which made them easier to spot and pick out. Also, they were as authentic in person as they seem to be on twitter. This was the coolest part of the experience to me.

    I really, really enjoyed it. Event Camp rocks!

  • Jenise:

    Fantastic post and you captured the spirit, energy and emotions of the event perfectly. One of my only regrets is that I did not get to spend more time talking with you personally. I guess we’ll have to make EventCamp 2011 longer and do it then or at another f2f event where we can catch up!!

    After this event, I’m convinced that social media, online relationships and virtual lead people to want to connect at the F2F event.

    So glad you came. It would not have been the same without you. Glad to be in your tribe!

  • Mike

    I completely agree. It’s amazing that “lifelong meaningful relationships” can come from communicating with people 140 characters at a time. I only wish we had had more time.


    You’re right. As far as the way people looked, I was surprised by how much better people looked in person. I think it must have something to do with that life spark we were talking about at lunch. It’s hard to capture in an avatar. Thank you so much for the kind words about me. I found you to be all those things too and very accessible. I’ve been a big fan of you, Jeff and Mike as bloggers for a long time and it’s been so wonderful to find that you all are so engaging in person.


    Thanks so much Jeff! I really think we are on the same page here. While I agree that not all virtual communities will lead to face to face events, I really do feel that there will be more face to face meetings BECAUSE of social media, more than there would have been without it. And for lots of reasons (business definitely being one of them) that gets me excited.

  • [...] • Jenise Stout Fryatt (@lyksumlikrish) – Icon Presentations Blog – Thoughts on #EC10 and how social media creates a NEED for events [...]

  • Jenise, wonderful, wonderful post! I feel such creativity and energy from the #eventprofs community! The #eventprofs community means so much to so many people. It is a online community filled with GENEROUS, charismatic people that enjoy sharing their knowledge and “Ideas that Fuel!” The #eventprofs community created by Lara and embraced by many is PROOF that F2F meetings, events and unconferences are not dead but CAN BE and ARE being enhanced by social media networking.

    Thank you Jenise and all #eventprofs for sharing your personal experiences and knowledge gained at Event Camp 2010.

    And Jenise thank you so much for your kind words. I ADORE you and have learned SO MUCH from you, words can not even express. Looking fwd to finally meeting you F2F when I make my way to Palm Springs!

    Also just an FYI to all #eventprofs…since I am used to people meeting me for the first time and wanting to pick me up and swing me around, shocked at my size…I am a shade under 5ft. Consider yourself warned:)

  • Lindsay,

    Thank you for the WONDERFUL comment. I share your enthusiasm for this warm, nurturing community. I have to say that going to Event Camp really made tangible the idea that it is, in fact, a community. But you were SORELY missed. And I’m shocked to learn of your diminutive stature. You certainly are a giant when it comes to marketing and social media!! REALLY looking forward to meeting you F2F.

  • Great summary Janise and I cannot tell you how grateful I was you let me crash with you Saturday night. This group is filled with generosity and it’s evident all the time. Something I’ll never take for granted but will always cherish!

  • Traci,

    I liked you before we met face to face, but now I really know how funny, knowledgeable and kind you are. Your being snowed in was a lucky break for me! I got to know you a lot better. Can’t wait till the next Event Camp!

  • Great job Janise with this post. I enjoyed our conversation and look forward to seeing you again!


  • Thanks Mike. I’m looking forward to that too!

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